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Thrash-Hold of the Universe

Let's do the Time Warp again!

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Исходящее сообщение №6047
Curtiss Model F стартует с катапульты крейсера "Норт Кэролайн"

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Вот тут http://collectair.org/SteveRemingtonArt.html большая картинка
2592px × 1440px 3191.25 КБ

И текст оттуда:

" PENSACOLA BAY - November 5, 1915

Lt. Cdr. H. C. Mustin, Naval Serial 03460, made the first catapult launch of an airplane from a moving ship on November 5, 1915. The armored cruiser USS North Carolina, ACR-12, arrived in Pensacola on September 9, 1915 to become the station ship for the Aeronautic Station. The test aeroplane launching device was installed on the cruiser in preparation for the first catapult launch. Lt. Cdr. Mustin, nicknamed "Rum", piloted a Curtiss F flying boat, AB-2, for the initial test launching. Following his test, the launch catapult was raised to turret height to gain more clearance with the water and an on-purpose crane and track became part of the cruiser equipment. During the initial test, the AB-2 was raised to the catapult level by use of a jury-rigged boat spar extension to the 10" gun barrel and swung to the rail by training the turret. Beginning in April of 1916, the Navy mounted 103-foot catapults on the armored cruisers North Carolina, Huntington, and Seattle. The catapults took up about 20 percent of each cruiser's weather deck, masking half its main battery. They were removed in 1917 when America entered World War I.

Pensacola Bay was exhibited at the Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum (Air Zoo) as part of the 2012 ASAA juried aviation art show.

Stretched linen size 20" x 36".

Mustin was appointed as Naval Air Pilot #3 on June 1, 1914 and was redesignated as Naval Aviator #11 on March 22, 1915. He was issued ACA Seaplane Certificate #14 on November 26, 1913. From the book Contact!: "The aviation unit at Annapolis, consisting of 9 officers, 23 men, 7 aircraft, portable hangars and other gear, under LT John H Towers as officer in charge, arrived at Pensacola, Fla on Jan 20'14 aboard USSs MISSISSIPPI and ORION to set up a flying school. LDCR Henry C Mustin, skipper of the station ship MISSISSIPPI, also commanded the aeronautic station."

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